Dr. Carlin’s Tips for Staying Healthy!

Regular Chiropractic Well-Checks!

– Remember you shouldn’t wait to go to the dentist until your teeth fall out & you don’t wait to change the oil in the car until you have a car accident… maintain what you want to last.

– Your nervous system (brain & spine) controls everything, including your immune system. “Every organ in your body is connected to the one under your hat” – BJ Palmer

Decrease Stress – There are 3 causes of spine misalignment:

  • Physical stress – like a fall or sitting too long at your desk
  • Chemical stress – such as a toxin in your environment at work or home, or too little nutrients in your food
  • Emotional stress – deadlines at work, racing around with kiddos events or having an ill pet at home

Sleep – most research studies indicate that adults need 7-9 hours of sleep per night. How do you measure up?

Hydration – the recipe for how much water you need: cut your body weight in ½ and during that number of ounces of water each day. (A 120 pound person needs 60 ounces of water, minimum) Be sure to add more if you are working out.

Vitamin D. Important on many levels! FDA recommends 1,000 units each day. Living in the Midwest we may only have 4 months out of the year where sunlight is direct enough to give us our daily vitamin D dose. Unless we actively search out another way to get it, we become deficient early in life. Vitamin D is important for your body to make bones dense (opposite of driftwood density). Without adequate calcium and vitamin D together, you’ll become brittle before your 30th For those of you after 30…get checked and build it up!

Probiotics – we have good bacterial all over, called natural micro flora or micro biota. When these good bacteria become overwhelmed by the bad bacteria, we will get sick. This can range from a rash on our skin to a gastrointestinal problem. This becomes incredibly important if a person is taking an antibiotic. Antibiotics are structured to wipe out bacteria…unable to decipher the good ones vs bad.

  • FYI – did you know there’s a special kind of bacteria in your small intestine that is your only means to obtaining vitamin B from your foods? (YOU don’t break down and take on vitamin B…this this bacteria gives it to you.) Remember “B” vitamins are your energy vitamins!

DHA – an Omega 3

  • Go find your fish oils! We get plenty of the other omegas in our diets here, but not this one. Your DNA must make a photocopy to replicate your cells & when the photocopy of the photocopy can’t be deciphered, we have reached the end of our life expectancy. These omega 3’s make the photocopy look better. You likely won’t feel different with or without taking them, but they’re important!
  • 50% of your brain is made up of these special omega 3’s & these help decrease brain diseases like Alzheimer’s & dementia.

Disclaimer: This information has been compiled for you as a reference as you to do additional research. Do not change a prescribed medicine without consulting with your MD or add anything you believe to be contrary to your MD’s recommendations. ~Dr. Stacy Carlin

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